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30 Sep. 20231 minute read

U Grow’s Skyline Connections: Networking Under the Stars

Step into the vibrant world of U Grow Academy’s first networking event, held at Barter Hub against Sofia's stunning skyline.

On September 13th, professionals from diverse fields gathered to celebrate the graduates of our Team Leader program. The evening buzzed with positive energy as glasses clinked, heartfelt congratulations echoed, and conversations flowed. Attendees included current program participants, successful graduates, and the faces behind U Grow Academy, fostering a community of shared experiences. The rooftop setting created a relaxed atmosphere for meaningful discussions, camaraderie, and shared achievements. Beyond the celebrations, certificates were awarded, marking the end of one journey and the beginning of another.

The event highlighted our commitment to building a community where professionals not only grow academically but also form lasting connections. As the city lights faded, the echoes of shared aspirations lingered, promising more memorable gatherings within the U Grow community.

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