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Pro.Play® Method​

Innovative solutions offered exclusively to the Bulgarian market by U Grow Academy. ​
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About the method

Introduction to Pro.Play®:

Pro.Play® is an innovative methodology designed to infuse the power of play into professional settings, leveraging the unique PLAYMOBIL pro kit. ​
Developed exclusively by the Creativity Certification Program, Pro.Play® transforms traditional business practices by integrating play, fostering creativity, innovation, and effective problem-solving across various industries and processes.

Benefits of Pro.Play®

Enhanced Creativity and Innovation
Pro.Play® encourages out-of-the-box thinking and creative problem-solving, making it ideal for brainstorming and idea generation.
Improved Communication
Visualizing concepts through models facilitates clearer communication, particularly in complex scenarios.
Team Building and Collaboration
Pro.Play® promotes teamwork and collaboration as participants work together to create and interpret models, fostering unity and shared purpose.
Empathy and Understanding
Utilizing physical models enhances empathy and understanding among team members, contributing to inclusive workplaces.
Engaging and Interactive Learning
The playful aspect of Pro.Play® enhances learning sessions, making them more engaging and memorable, thus improving knowledge retention.
Strategic Planning and Problem-Solving
Pro.Play® aids in strategic planning and complex problem-solving by allowing teams to visualize scenarios and explore various outcomes.
Enhanced Psychological Well-being
The act of play reduces stress and improves mental well-being, making Pro.Play® valuable in workplace wellness initiatives.
Fosters a Culture of Innovation
By integrating play into professional settings, Pro.Play® cultivates a culture that values creativity and continuous improvement.

What is Pro.Play suitable for? ​

Training and learning activities​​
Workshop, Hackatons
Creative problem-solving​​
Design of EX or CX journey​
Individual and team coaching​​
Career counselling​​
Conflict resolution and mediation sessions​​
Meeting Facilitation​​
Retrospective analysis ​​
And many more​

Hear from our Workshops participants

I attended one of the Pro.Play workshops organized by U Grow - "Feedback Like a Game" and was extremely impressed by the innovative methodology. The workshop was conducted just like a game - effortlessly engaging and actively involving all participants, despite the topic not being the easiest to work with. It was truly a different experience and very enriching - I am able to apply what I learned in my daily life every day. Thanks to the entire U Grow team for the time and attention given to every detail.
Viktoriya Krumova
Dr. Viktoriya Krumova
Workshop Participant
I believe that the future will require leaders to think unconventionally and innovatively. I highly value creative learning methods and believe that through them, we can enhance professional and personal skills that help us approach situations from the right perspective when seeking solutions.​
I am glad to have had the opportunity to participate in U Grow Academy's programs, which utilize the Pro.Play® methodology because I was precisely seeking this as a concept to support my professional development.
Antoniya Baramova
Antoniya Baramova
Workshop Participant
It was a great pleasure to participate in the Pro.Play® workshop by U Grow Academy at this year's HR industry. It challenges creativity, requires you to be effective, and find unconventional but key solutions. It's wonderful that more and more innovative ways are emerging to be more successful in our communication, relationships, and work.
Alumni image placeholder
Miroslava Boeva-Vitkova
Workshop Participant

Pro.Play® workshops

Process Map

Start by playing

Research has shown the power of game dynamics in various environments. Understanding when and how to apply different types of modeling is crucial for achieving desired results.


Working with "Living models" involves interacting with constantly changing scenarios. Careful observation and analysis of these interactions open new perspectives.

Extract insights

Pro.Play® enables exploration of hypotheses and alternatives through "Living models," leading to valuable insights and learnings. These insights are distilled to transform situations, generate ideas, and solve problems effectively.

Make decisions

By interacting with models and extracting insights, Pro.Play® facilitates the conversion of learning into concrete actions. These actions, applied individually and collectively, help achieve set objectives.

Your Pro.Play facilitator​

Ralitsa Lyubenova, Program & Training Manager
Ralitsa is the only skilled facilitator in Bulgaria to be qualified to use the Pro.Play Method by its creator, Juan Prego. She combines her expertise with a distinct approach to provide each participant with a memorable and meaningful experience while also fostering growth through the power of play.
Your Pro Play Facilitator
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