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30 Sep. 20231 minute read

U Grow Academy at SEE Summit

UGrow Academy at SEE Summit

We were delighted to be a part of the SEE Innovation, Technology, and Sourcing Summit, the largest technology and innovation event in Southeast Europe, where industry leaders from technology companies and start-ups across the region to explore the latest trends in the business services and technology sectors, with a special emphasis on the evolving role of humans in driving technological advancements. The summit also served as a dynamic knowledge-sharing platform for innovation and technology transfer within the region, featuring a comprehensive report on the development of the high-tech industry in Southeast Europe, shedding light on the distinct dynamics of each market.

During this event, our Program and Training Manager, Ralitsa Lyubenova, had the honor of being a featured speaker in the HR panel discussion titled "Fostering Talent Through Engagement."

At U Grow Academy, we understand the importance of investing in the development and retention of skilled talent. In the years ahead, upskilling and reskilling will be crucial for the continued success in the face of significant transformations.

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