10 Oct. 20231 minute read

U Grow Academy at Career Show

Our Program & Training Manager, Ralitsa Lyubenova, took center stage as a featured speaker at the virtual Career Show, hosting a compelling free webinar titled "The Cost of Growth: How Much Are We Really Paying If We Don't Purposefully Invest In Development?"

The livestream took place on October 6th, where she explored the critical questions surrounding employee development responsibility within an organization. Should we invest in our personal and professional growth, or do companies bear the obligation to provide such opportunities? Delving into the intricacies of professional advancement, she uncovered the hidden costs of stagnation for those opting to stay in their comfort zones. The session also addressed the potential losses for companies neglecting investment in employee development.

Within this insightful presentation, the audience had the opportunity to uncover the consequences of untapped individual and group potential when left dormant. Ralitsa unveiled the hidden impacts of neglecting personal and professional development and deferring it over time. Attendees were encouraged to find inspiration in seizing opportunities, making conscious choices, and embarking on a path of growth, satisfaction, and a professional journey filled with endless possibilities.

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