03 Mar. 20242 minutes read

Team Leader Alumni - Nikolay Ivanov

What motivated you to participate in the Team Leader program?

The main push that encouraged me to participate is the internal problems I face in my workplace specifically with the communication between the teams and the team leaders. In addition, since I haven’t been in a similar position before, I wanted to see what gaps I had and how I can work over them.

What challenges did the program assist you in overcoming?

It expanded my knowledge of different work styles and highlighted significant gaps in one’s understanding of the responsibilities associated with those positions. Additionally, it provided valuable context and insights into the various problems and challenges I encountered over the past couple of years in this role.

What is the most valuable takeaway you learned from the program?

The validation of my strong and weak qualities. It gave me focus over what I should work to improve and change.

What would you like to share with other individuals considering to join the program?

It would give them a very good idea about what the Team Leader position is, what are their strong qualities and how to use them. A thing which I have noticed many programmers who get promoted to team leaders lack, since they burn out from writing a code for example or the many meeting and organizational tasks they overtake.  

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