13 Nov. 20231 minute read

Team Leader Alumni - Nevena Hristova

What motivated you to participate in the Team Leader program?

I was highly motivated by the invaluable opportunity the Team Leader program offered for personal growth and continuous learning. The prospect of enhancing my skills, acquiring new knowledge, and gaining insights into effective leadership practices fueled my enthusiasm to participate.

What challenges did you overcome through the program?

The program supported me in overcoming the challenge of "time management" and played a crucial role in helping me establish effective boundaries at work.

What are the most valuable things you learned in the program?

I gained numerous valuable insights during the program, but if I were to pinpoint one, it would be the realization that being a team leader demands much more than just achieving success or becoming a specialist in your field.

What advice do you have for those considering joining the program?

To not overthink it. Just go for it! I guarantee that each participant will acquire new knowledge, engage in self-reflection, and enhance their abilities for the benefit of their team. As a bonus, they will even streamline the process of making English tea.

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