02 Oct. 20231 minute read

Team Leader Alumni - Ekaterina Valkova

Team Leader Alumni - Ekaterina

What motivated you to join the Team Leader program?

I enjoy tackling challenges, and at the same time, I wanted to gain deeper knowledge about leading a team and understanding the motivation behind the decisions made by team leaders.

What challenges did the program help you overcome?

Communication posed a significant challenge for me, and I definitely acquired new methods for navigating diverse scenarios.

What is the most valuable thing you learned in the program?

What lingered with me post-program is the importance of not only using and appreciating our strengths but also improving them while acquiring new ones.

What would you share with others considering joining the program?

The program itself poses a significant challenge, but it's worthwhile for gaining insights into your strong and weak professional qualities. Self-awareness is crucial for individuals to identify the skills (both soft and hard) they need to work on and how to compensate for undeveloped ones.

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