02 Feb. 20242 minutes read

Championing Innovative Learning with Pro.Play®

We're thrilled to spotlight Ralitsa Lyubenova, our Program and Training Manager, who recently shared insights into the ground-breaking Pro.Play® methodology in an exclusive feature with Manager Magazine. As the sole certified facilitator of Pro.Play® in Bulgaria, Ralitsa's expertise has been instrumental in bringing this innovative approach to our region.

In the article, Ralitsa discusses the transformative power of Pro.Play®, a unique gaming methodology designed to enhance essential skills and competencies in the professional sphere. Leveraging playful elements, Pro.Play® explores traditional business practices, fostering creativity and effective problem-solving abilities among participants.

Among its advantages are diverse application opportunities, offering over 65,000 unique applications in various topics and areas. Ralitsa emphasizes its effectiveness in conflict management, difficult conversations, team interaction, and strategic planning, making it a versatile tool for addressing workplace challenges.

Furthermore, Pro.Play® stimulates productive thinking, enhances communication, and promotes collaboration. Through immersive experiences, participants gain deeper insight into professional dynamics.

Looking ahead and underscoring our commitment to fostering growth and excellence in the workplace, Ralitsa discusses upcoming workshops and events where Pro.Play® will be showcased, providing professionals with valuable opportunities to experience this transformative methodology first-hand.

For the full article, visit: Manager Magazine - Pro.Play®

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