Grow your career with the 1st Operations Manager program in Bulgaria

Get ready for an in-demand Senior Leadership role in the business services industry!
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Invest in your career growth

Our Operations Manager program will equip you with the must have competencies to become more effective and successful professional!
Unique Design - Seamlessly blending comprehensive operational knowledge with a unique design tailored for dynamic, real-world challenges.
Optimized for busy work schedule - Training sessions are held during weekdays, online, in after work hours.
Professional and expert feedback - Gain valuable input and continuous support throughout the program.
Program start date
01 November 2023
Program duration
12 weeks
Intermediate/Advanced, previous experience required
Trainings schedule
Monday - Thursday (18:30 - 20:30 EEST) 2 to 3 times/week.
Training format
Online/ On site
Training sessions are held in Bulgarian or English
All learning materials are in English
Included extras

⚬ Certificate for successful completion
⚬ Executive networking
⚬ Career development plan

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Why choose our program?

Hear from our trainers, partners and trainees.
Program Manager - Ralitsa Lyubenova
“Our Program is the first of its kind in Bulgaria and will equip you with the must-have hard and soft skills to succeed in a senior leadership role in one of the leading sectors in Bulgaria.”
Ralitsa Lyubenova
Program & Training Manager, U Grow Academy

Why consider an Operations Manager role?

If you want to be at the heart of a company’s operations and are aiming to climb the corporate ladder– the Operations Manager role is the right next career step. Our program is the perfect fit for you if you are seeking: 
Career Growth and Visibility
The operations manager role is a steppingstone to higher-level positions such as Director of Operations, Chief Operating Officer, or even General Manager. The experience gained in this role is highly transferable and valued by employers. 
Central Role in Business Success
Operations managers are at the heart of a company’s operations. They play a pivotal role in ensuring the processes run smoothly, products or services are delivered efficiently, and resources are optimally utilized. Their contributions directly impact the organization’s overall success and bottom line. 
Insightful Challenges and Tangible Impact
Every day brings new challenges in operations management. This role is ideal for individuals who thrive under pressure, enjoy solving complex problems, and would like to see the direct impact of their efforts on a daily basis.
Cross-Functional Collaboration
Operations managers collaborate with various departments from production and supply chain to finance and marketing. This provides exposure to different facets of the business, facilitating a broader understanding of how the organization functions. 

Your future employers

Upon successful completion of the program, you will be able to apply for a Supervisor/Team leader role or other relevant position in:
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) companies in Bulgaria
Information Technologies Outsourcing (ITO) companies in Bulgaria
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Our program is for you if:
You are aspiring to grow as a manager and want to take the next step
Have very good command in English

Have previous experience as (1 of the options below is required):

  • As a Team Leader, Supervisor, or similar position in the Business services sector
  • In management positions in other departments of a Business services company
  • Have successfully completed the U Grow Academy Team Leader program
  • Currently holding an Operations Manager role
How to apply?
  1. Apply for our program via the application form.
  2. Participate in a 1 on 1 admission interview.
  3. Receive feedback on your admission and whether you can join the 1st module of the program for free.
  4. Start with our program.

Program timeline

Аpplication & Feedback on admission
September 01 - October 15
Contract signing and payment
October 15 – October 25
Start of the program
November 01
Project presentation
January 08- January 12
Career coaching session
January 15 – January 25

Key advantages

Our program provides participants with a comprehensive set of hard and soft skills needed for a successful management career and valued by all companies in the Business services industry.
Our program will equip you with the needed industry-specific knowledge relevant to the role.
Our program is the first of its kind in Bulgaria, which gives you a highly competitive advantage - you will stand out on the job market and outpace the competition!
Our trainers are validated experts, who have practical experience in the industry and will provide you with valuable insights and real-world examples to help you understand how to apply the skills and knowledge you learn in the program.
Our Program will introduce you to the latest technologies and trends, that are used for higher efficiency, better decision making, improved competitiveness and enhanced customer satisfaction!
By joining our program, you become part of our community – you expand your professional network and can learn from each other's experiences and perspectives.
Successfully graduated candidates receive in addition best in class advice on CV preparing, job interviewing process and access to top employers from the Business services industry!

Program content

The Operations Manager Development Program is designed for professional aiming to senior leadership role, who already have some experience as first line managers, project managers or similar. The program is project based and its content is organized around some of the key areas necessary to be successful and effective as Operations manager:

  • Business operations
  • Process and people management
  • Personal effectiveness

The program consists of 9 modules and 25 lessons.

Your growth partners

Invest in your growth

Prepare for a future-proof career in a future-proof sector.

Our Operations Manager Program is the key to your professional success. Here's how to start:
  1. Apply for our program.
  2. Participate in a 1 on 1 admission interview.
  3. Receive feedback on your admission and whether you can join the 1st module of the program for free.
  4. Upon approval - you can choose the payment method that suits you best: full amount upfront or paying in instalments. Be sure to take advantage of our early bird price!
In Installments
3690 BGN
one-time payment
All program modules
Mentor support
Access to closed collaboration group
Certificate for completion
Personalised feedback session
Personal development plan 
Job finding assistance upon request
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308 BGN
price per month for 12 months period with a bank partner*
All program modules
Mentor support
Access to closed collaboration group
Certificate for completion
Personalised feedback session
Personal development plan
Job finding assistance upon request
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Our payment policy has got you covered:

*You have options when it comes to paying for your training at U Grow Academy:

  • Pay the full amount upfront, with own funds, before the program start
  • Pay in smaller installments over a period of 3, 6, 9 or 12 months with 0% interest rate with a consumer loan from our finance partner - TBI Bank.

Please contact our team for detailed information.


You can find the most frequently asked questions here
Yes, previous management experience is essential, whether as a Team Leader, Supervisor, or in similar roles within the Business services sector or other company departments. Applicants who successfully completed the U Grow Academy Team Leader program or and applicants who are currently holding an Operations Manager position are also considered.
Applicants are selected based on their application, experience, overall motivation, and English language skills.
Training sessions are held online, during weekdays, 2-3 times a week. The duration of one session is 2 hours – from 18:30 to 20:30, so the training can be combined with current job or responsibilities. Upon enrollment into the program, detailed schedule for all sessions will be received.
Upon admission, the applicant can choose to pay the full amount for the program upfront, or in installments via consumer loan with 0% interest rate from our finance partner tbi bank. The program tax can also be covered from the applicant’s employer. Payment is made via bank transfer.
Our program offers a continuous and interactive learning assessment system, composed of case scenarios, tests, attendance, practical interaction activities, and personal project presentation. The results are considered vital to refining our trainees’ portfolios.
We always make sure to keep our training groups in an optimal number of 15-17 participants for both, engagement, and maximum learning efficiency.
Climbing the corporate ladder can be a hard tedious task that is susceptible to a lot of trial and error. If you are looking for a way to short-cut and advance in your career by gaining a job search advantage to outpace the competition, this program is for you!
Our Operation Manager program is the first of its kind specialized up-skilling program in Bulgaria, that offers a combination of both hard and soft-skills to prepare you for a sought-after senior leadership role in the market.
Our trainings can be both in-person or virtual, depending on the group. Our first program will be held online.
Our training materials are fully in English. The training can be held in a Bulgarian-English mixed variant or fully English variant depending on the classroom needs and trainee demands.
Yes, a standard contract is signed upon admission.

Still have questions?

Feel free to contact our team.
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